What We Do

Our Personal Assistant’s and managers will work hard to make sure the service user’s wishes for what they would like to achieve while it fits with the service user’s lifestyle.

When the PA starts working with the service user, they will discuss what the service user wants to achieve, for example go shopping or becoming more independent. The PA will work with the service user to empower and encourage them to achieve their goals.
Like everyone, sometimes it is nice to go on holiday and our staff can support service users to do this! With prior planning and organisation, we can find staff who the service user would be happy with and support the service user to book their holiday.
We can also provide temporary care for a service user who does not normally use our services. Sometimes families or friends need to have a break, go away for a holiday or a business trip and want someone to help care for the service user.
Our PA’s can support to go out to visit places, for example shopping, visit garden centre, a café or going to deaf club. When visiting places, the service user can choose of the PA stays with them to have a chat and keep them company.


Please click on Accessibility to find out how we make the above services accessible to our service users.

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